Nacions Unides des Arts 

Naciones Unidas de las artes

United Nations of the Arts

It is the "Union of Organizations" of all art forms of all countries of the world.

It is a specialized agency whose mission is "to contribute to the consolidation of peace, the eradication of exclusion, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, science, culture, communication and information".

The United Nations of all Arts establishes peace through international cooperation in the fields of art, education, science and culture.

Peace is based on dialogue, moral solidarity and mutual understanding between the peoples of the world through all the arts.

Its members are the most recognized international, national and local institutions as well as active members in all disciplines:

Architecture, Haute couture, Handicrafts, Visual arts, Culinary art, Astronomy, Ballroom, Singing, Science, Cinema, Dance, Decoration, Sport, Design, Photography, Artistic gymnastics, Invention and Innovation, Literature, Music, Figure Skating, Theater, Medicine and Natural Therapies, Nanotechnology.

Collaborates with international organizations and government institutions.

Its members are the most important federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in 170 countries.

It is associated with NGOs from Unesco: the United Nations organization for education, art, science and culture.