Nacions Unides des Arts 

Naciones Unidas de las artes

Consell Internacional del Geni Animal 


The International Animal Genius Council is the international organization of all forms of animal activities in all countries of the world.

Its members are the most recognized international, national and local institutions as well as active members in the disciplines:

Collaborates with international organizations and government institutions.

It is associated with the United Nations of all Arts


C.I.G.A. It is the Organization that protects all artists, inventors, Ideologists, educators and researchers and their entities in the world of Dance.

C.I.G.A. It is an extensive work team created by professionals and young people from the three most prestigious universities in the world, whose logistics are based on the current reality projected to the Nanotechnology era.

C.I.G.A. It is not commercial: it has no products, services for sale or sponsors

C.I.G.A. It is based on the United Nations precepts of all the Arts, respecting all artists, inventors, Ideologists, educators and researchers as their entities without distinctions of races, ethnicities, ideologies, countries, customs and religion.

C.I.G.A. It is the most direct link to NGOs. of Unesco through the United Nations of all Arts as well as government entities.


International Council of Geni Animal CIGA